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I have a friend! I have a friend! I have a friend!

Okay, so my rhythm brother has apparently been skulking in here for months and months without fucking bothering to tell me (thanks, MikE!), so now I've got a reason to come in here, peruse the pal, and update.

I'm sorry, but I don't have the cute little bugs that tell you my mood and music, so:

Mood-I have the sniffles

Music-Screaming Al's Brutally Familiar Compendium

Reading-Catch 22, Time Out of Joint, Man and Superman, LOEG Vol. II

Clothes-Jeans with massive circular hole over the right front pocket, rolled cuff, black pullover hoodie with some kind of psuedo-graffitti writing on one sleeve (lemme alone; $10 clearance @ Target), white-ish socks, black oxfords, couple of earrings, beat to shit watch, claddagh band Buttons got me for Xmas

Apartment-Messy, but not really messy, not bachelor apartment days messy, not like "OhMiFuckingGod...what's that smell?" messy and, hey, we're both sick, so fuck you anyway, bitch

Job-Meaningless and soul-killing, but in a very comfortable way. Boss is in town, so that's kind of a pain in my ass, but he'll be winging his way south soon, so that's cool, and he's an all right guy, just in my way, y'know?

City-Jet City, still. Lotsa hippies and yuppies and yuppie hippies, but I refuse to take responsibility for any of them. Also rainy and full of good beer, for which I can't take any credit or blame, but do enjoy thoroughly

Country-The one in the middle of North America that looks bigger on maps that it actually is. Currently being run by people who hate me (specifically, I'm starting to think) and probably you and most of your friends. Am deathly afraid that it will continue to be run by those people for another four years or so. However, we've also turned out P.T. Anderson, Philip K. Dick & Matt Groening, so something's working all right

World-Generally a mess, thanks, in large part, to those knuckleheads running my country. Thanks, fellas.

Galaxy-The one named after the candy bar

Universe-Expanding. Maybe.

Afterlife-Not sure how psyched I am about that one. I think I might be fucked.

Right. Out for cigarettes and nightly ablutions. Cheers.
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