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Ah, Goddammit.

Watching the Pixies on Austin City Limits...holy shit, man. I miss being on stage. I need some Seattle folks to get a thing going.

Anybody Jet City local?
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I know the feeling; ever since Emily, I haven't been able to play drums at all. I used to play at least once a week with Rob, so I could get it out of my system. I am itching to play. By the way...I'm not auditioning in February. I'm holding them in March, so I am free to hang out. Call me tonight. On my cell.
Excellent news! Okay, this should work out, if you can keep that Saturday (the 11th?) open. Jen and I have Friday night plans and we're staying over in the City 'til Saturday.

Is there an easy way to SI from Manhattan?

Actually, is there an easy way to SI from anywhere?

I understand. The itch to make music is overpowering. That's what led me down the road to solo electronic stuff; I just could not for the life of me get band together; all I really want to do is sing and write songs, and maybe play live again, but that ain't happening, so I settled for farting around with laptop noises.

It's punk rock in its own way I guess. Philosophically at least.

Oh, I gave Mike a copy of the chapbook for ya.